October 4, 2012

Thank-you for dropping in. I'm particularly interested in collecting vintage stereo equipment, especially vacuum tube based gear as well as some of the early solid state stuff that was built with some care and attention. Quality turntables, high efficiency loudspeakers and the like always tweak my attention as well. So much well-made gear tends to be thrown away for the lack of a single tube or capacitor and I'd rather see it repaired and used by someone who appreciates the great sound vintage gear can provide.

I am also an avid collector of recordings on vinyl. Most audiophiles know how much better the sound of an LP can be and I'm no different. My preferences run to Classical and small combo jazz but I won't pass up anything that I may think to be of musical interest. I'm inclined to discount much of what is being played on radio - that includes a lot of old classic rock as well as what passes for music in the current age. There's a great deal of excellent music being made but, unfortunately, most of it is not being heard and that's a shame.

Therefore, my hobby becomes my mission and why I can be found at yard/garage/estate/auction sales all over the city. You could call me an audio scrounger - an audio revivalist. I'll always have an assortment of parts and pieces for your needs. I also have access to a rather large collection of vacuum tubes so if your needs extend in that direction don't be hesitant about asking.

If you have an idea or need for audio furniture be sure to check out the Bowood Design "Audio Creations" section for some examples. The general premise being "If you can imagine it - Bo can build it!" Keep in mind as well that if you're stuck for that perfect gift that may not be audio-related do have a look at some of Bo's other wood creations. Nothing says you've put some serious thought into a beautiful gift more than having a custom piece designed and built. Personal experience indicates I can say that with a great deal of authority.

Contact me if there's something you are looking for. Contact me if you just want to talk audio. And no - the Coral Beta 8s are not for sale. However, I am looking for some dual-concentric vintage Tannoys.

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